Short trip offers in Quedlinburg

Collegiate church St. Servatii with view of the Brocken - Photo: Jürgen Meusel


Experience the many facets of the UNESCO World Heritage City with our short-trip offers: Stroll through the most different style epochs and discover architectural highlights from the Middle Ages, Romanesque, Period of Promoterism or Art Nouveau. Enjoy a vibrant artistic and cultural landscape as well as the unique nature of Germany’s most northern low mountain range.

The Quedlinburg-Tourismus-Marketing GmbH has put together various short trips for you.

All offers listed here are not accessible.

UNESCO World Heritage City Quedlinburg

To form yourselves an opinion about the nearly 1100 year old half-timbered town and get to know ist special flair. An unique medieval town ground-plan with about 2000 half-timbered houses of eight centuries expects you. Since 1994 counts Quedlinburg to the UNESCO world heritage and welcomes its guests with warmth, openness and modernity.

from 145,00 € per person (2x overnight stays)


Explore the Districts - Gernrode & Bad Suderode

As one of the most beautiful health spas in the Harz, the health resort Bad Suderode has been making a name for itself since 1826. Not far away from Quedlinburg, you can relax and enjoy the wellness offers or be active hiking, cycling or exploring the surroundings.

from 275,00 per person (3x overnight stays)

Castles, Palaces and Monasteries

Experience the splendour of the 19th century or relax in the quiet monastery garden - Quedlinburg and its surroundings offer numerous excursions into history. Get to know the varied monastery and castle landscape of the Harz at selected buildings along the Romanesque Route.

from 349,00 € per person (4x overnight stays)

Hiking Paradise Harz

Put on your hiking boots and a backpack - the Harz is popular hiking region with its wild-romantic mountains, valleys and forests. Whether a tour up to the Brocken, through the national park, the Bode- or Selketal, there is a suitable hike for every level of difficulty. Numerous stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel can be collected along the way - fun for young and old.

from 249,00 € per person (4x overnight stays)

Advent in the Courtyards 2021


Hidden behind thick walls are the historic courtyards of the city. But on the weekends of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Advent they present themselves all the more splendid. Lovingly decorated, they radiate and sparkle in the brightness of light. It’s Advent in the courtyards of Quedlinburg.

from 199.00 per person (2x overnight stay, Friday - Sunday)
from 165.00 per person (2x overnight stay, Sunday Tuesday)

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