Quedlinburg’s museum landscape is as diverse as the city itself. Discover the history of the city and its personalities in the three municipal museums or stroll on the traces of the Reformation. 


The literature museum of the World Heritage City is housed in the birthplace of the poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (1724-1803). It gives you an impression of the life and work of the poet and also sheds light on two other important figures of the 18th century in Quedlinburg: Dorothea Christiana Erxleben (1715-1762), the first German female doctor, and Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths (1759-1839), pedagogue and co-founder of gymnastics at school.

Fachwerkmuseum im Ständerbau (half-timbered museum)

The Fachwerkmuseum im Ständerbau shows the development of the art of timber-framed construction in Quedlinburg over six centuries. It is housed in a Ständerbau building that was built at the beginning of the 14th century and is the only fully preserved house of this type.


On the castle hill, which impressively dominates the World Heritage City Quedlinburg, stands next to the Collegiate Church St. Servatius, the Quedlinburg Castle. The Municipal Museum of the World Heritage City is housed in its rooms. It offers you an overview of the development of the region, the monastery and the city, starting with prehistoric and early history. In the castle building itself, with the Ottonian vault from the 10th century preserved in the basement, you will not only find the oldest secan architecture in Saxony-Anhalt, but it also allows you to travel through the centuries from the origins of the Ladies' Abbey (936) to the magnificent rooms on the upper floor until its dissolution in 1803.

We are currently building and designing a new museum highlight in the important Ladies' Abbey. The castle museum is therefore closed.

museum Lyonel Feininger. world heritage city Quedlinburg

With the Dr. Hermann Klumpp Collection, the museum has one of the most extensive holdings of prints by Lyonel Feininger. It was founded as the Lyonel Feininger Gallery in 1986. Thus, a special museum for classical modernism was created in Quedlinburg. In addition to the prominent core collection, the museum has been developing into a “Museum of Graphic Arts” since 2014. With special exhibitions, it shows high-calibre graphics from all eras.


On the still-preserved walls of the Church of St. Mary on the Münzenberg in Quedlinburg you can see all the elements of an Ottonian basilica with apse, transept, three-aisled nave and west building.
Founded in 986, the Benedictine monastery existed until 1536 and was used for secular purposes in the following centuries and rebuilt with twelve residential buildings.
In 2015, after twenty years of development of the complex, the official opening of the museum took place, so that visitors can now visit the Western Crypt, the Eastern Crypt, parts of the central and side aisles, the nuns' empore and the archaeologically secured medieval burial sites in front of the southern side aisle.

Alte Elementarschule Gernrode

The “Alte Elementarschule” is probably the oldest elementary school in Germany from 1533. The cultural association “Andreas Popperodt e. V”. acquired the dilapidated building and restored it with great effort. Today, guided tours of the house are offered. You can also experience a lesson in the historical classroom, art exhibitions, exhibitions on the history of the city and school, the permanent exhibition “Minerals of the Harz”, fairytale lessons on the tiled stove with baked apples, cultural events as well as various readings and lectures.

Harzer Uhrenmuseum

During a visit you can expect around 300 different cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks and many other exhibits. During a guided tour you will learn about the history of watchmaking in Gernrode. In the workshop, you can look over the watchmaker’s shoulder while making a cuckoo clock. Children have a lot of fun at the appearance of the cuckoo of the giant cuckoo clock (14.50 m). The weather house at the house gable with water wheel and saw grate, as well as the largest cuckoo clock made of chocolate are further highlights when visiting the clock museum. If you want, you can purchase a cuckoo clock in any price segment. For the physical well-being is provided in our restaurant with outdoor terrace.

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