Alte Elementarschule Gernrode

“In Gernrode an important chapter of German school history was unquestionably written. What the State Office for Preservation of Monuments summarizes so succinctly and aptly is an impressive story, closely linked to Luther and Melanchthon. As early as 1533, Luther’s demand to establish “Christian schools for poor boys and girls in German lands” was followed in Gernrode. The former abbess Elizabeth of Weida had begun to turn to the new doctrine in 1521. She was supported by the following abbesses, but above all by Stefan Molitor, who was sent by her to study in Wittenberg near Melanchthon.

In 1533 there was a small Latin school in Gernrode, but as early as 1585 a girls' school is mentioned. So Gernrode is also a place of early girls education. The school buildings and rooms changed several times, until after 1800 classes were given in the building now known as the Old Elementary School. From 1847 there was a permanent school building in Gernrode for the first time, because the nave of church St. Stephanie had been rebuilt for this purpose. The building of the elementary school was used privately from that time on.

Due to difficult ownership conditions it fell into disarray after the Second World War. Although still inhabited, the city had plans for demolition and the idea to create parking spaces for visitors of the Collegiate Church.

A closer look  from the outside reveals that there are three interconnected houses in different construction methods and from different times. The ensemble is complemented by a garden and courtyard, which are now used for events
The interior of the house looks medieval. On the way to the “classroom”, furnished in the style of the 1900s, you can visit a “black kitchen” and an ancient vaulted cellar.
In the following, very large room in the middle of the house, dendrochronological examinations were carried out. The report testifies that the beams date back to 1548When the tiled stove is heated in the cold season and kindergarten children or primary school pupils gather around the storyteller, the big room often has the scent of fried apples
In the next room, which is furnished as a historical classroom, school classes (but also adults) can enjoy lessons like in the old days in an entertaining way but also learn seriously, e. g. old fonts.
On the upper floor there are event rooms, which are also used for exhibitions, as well as a so-called club room, where courses are held. Two smaller rooms also house a valuable collection of minerals.

Over 20 years ago, the then founded cultural association acquired the desolate building, renovated it with great commitment for 10 years and has since operated the building as a museum, cultural and educational centre.


  • entry:
    • adults: 2.00 € 
    • children (6-14 years in company): 1.00 € 
  • guided tour:
    • adults: 3.00 € 
    • children: 2.00 € 
  • historical lesson:
    • adults: 4.00 € 
    • children (6-15 years): 2.00 € 
    • children (under 6 years): 1.00 €
  • story time:
    • 2.00 € per person
  • lectures for more than 10 persons:
    • 4.00 € per person 

Opening Times

  • Monday - Friday
    10:00 am - 12:00 am 
    02:00 pm - 04:30 pm
  • Saturday
    02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

closed from 24th of December - 31st of January 

Guided Tours

  • guided tours: during the opening times
  • historical lesson: on request via phone
  • story time: on request via phone


cultural association „Andreas Popperodt“ e.V.
St. Cyriakusstraße 2 | 06485 Quedlinburg OT Gernrode
phone: 039485 265

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