Monuments in Quedlinburg

The World Heritage City Quedlinburg offers a wide variety of history and urban life. Small and large monuments are scattered throughout the city. Let us invite you on a short tour and enchant you by the individual monuments and their history. Get to know the first German female doctor Dorothea Christiane Erxleben, the dog Quedel, the Quedlinburg heraldic animal, and be there when the imperial insignia is presented to the Duke of Saxony Heinrich I. The Münzberg musicians shine in new splendour after a renovation made possible by the Bürgerstiftung für Quedlinburg.

On the northern outskirts of the city there is a monument to the prison camp camp of the First World War, which was built in 1915.

The Münzenberg musicians

Artist: Prof. Wolfgang Dreysse

Raised: 1976

Location: Market Square

Monument Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths

Artist: sculptor Richard Anders

Raised: 1904

Location: at the GutsMuths Platz / close to his birthplace

The Goddess Flora

Artist: art and bronze foundry Frank Herweg

Instigation of new raising: on initiative of the association “Das Bergvolk” and Quedlinburg’s free voters 

Raised: 2001

Location: Bahnhofsplatz (in front of the train station)

The Shaft Fountain (Schachtbrunnen)

Artist: sculptor Franz Blasek

Raised: 1911

Location: in front of the Church St. Blasii, Blasiistraße

The Coronation of Henry the First

Artist: Jochen Müller 

Raised: 2007

Location: Turnstraße / in front of the "Sparkasse"

Monument: Personalities of Quedlinburg History

Artist: Prof. Bernd Göbel

Raised: 1989/90

Location: Kornmarkt

Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

Artists: bust: Christian Friedrich Tieck; pedestal: Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Raised: 1831

Location: Brühlpark

Gustav Brecht

Artist: sculptor Richard Anders 

Raised: 1906

Location: entry Brühlpark (east entry in front of the waterworks)

Carl Ritter

Artist: Eduard Uhlenhuth

Raised: 1865

Location: entry Brühlpark

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