The Goddess Flora

The goddess Flora at the railway station - photo QTM GmbH (NR)

Artist: art and bronze foundry Frank Herweg

Instigation of new raising: on initiative of the association “Das Bergvolk” and Quedlinburg’s free voters 

Raised: 2001

Location: Bahnhofsplatz (in front of the train station)

Description: The bronze monument depicts the Roman goddess Flora, the goddess of flower. She holds a rose in her left hand. As early as 1901, there was a Flora statue in Quedlinburg, but it was melted down for war purposes in 1944. In 1998, the Quedlinburg Medieval Association “Bergvolk” drew attention to the monument of the goddess again and suggested that it be restored. With the help of a donation campaign, supported by Mrs. Rautendelein Rienäcker, the financing was secured. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the “first position” a new statue of the flower goddess was erected in 2001, which now recalls the great tradition of Quedlinburg as a flower and seed city.

The monument is two metres tall and was designed by the Berlin art and bronze foundry Frank Herweg. An information board is attached to the station bridge (opposite the monument).

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