Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock

Klopstock monument in the Brühl-Park © world heritage city Quedlinburg

Artists: bust: Christian Friedrich Tieck; pedestal: Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Raised: 1831

Location: Brühlpark

DescriptionKlopstock was born in Quedlinburg in 1724. He grew up in a pietistic family. In 1745 he began his studies in Jena, where he wrote the first three songs of the Messiah. After finishing his studies in theology, he took up a teaching position in Langensalza. During this time he wrote his most beautiful odes to his unattainable love, Maria Sophia Schmidt. The odes arouse enthusiasm and are regarded as the birth of pure poetry. From 1759 to 1762 Klopstock lived in Quedlinburg, Braunschweig and Halberstadt. Between 1769 and 1773 he completed the Messiah and wrote several plays, including “Hermann’s Battle. Klopstock died in 1803 at the age of 78.

The Klopstockhaus is located in Quedlinburg am Schlossberg 12 and provides an impression of the life and work of the poet as a biographical and literary history museum.

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