The Shaft Fountain (Schachtbrunnen)

Schachtbrunnen - photo QTM GmbH (NR)

Artist:  sculptor Franz Blasek

Raised:  1911

Location:  in front of the Church St. Blasii, Blasiistraße 

DescriptionCharacteristic of the Shaft Fountain (Schachtbrunnen) is a hexagonal fountain trough. It is about one metre high and consists of solid light grey limestone. In the middle of the tank rises a column, each side of which is a forged bronze spout. On the front of the column is the coat of arms of Quedlinburg, on the back the family coat of arms of the founder. The actual work of art is located on the central pillar: A bronze gardener boy and a dog, the Quedlinburger heraldic animal Quedel.

The Shaft Fountain was donated by the merchant Friedrich Schacht.

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