The Eco-Garden in Quedlinburg

© World Heritage City Quedlinburg

The eco-garden is a special recreational fun and brings children closer to the local nature in various events and through hands-on stations.

Throughout the year, there is a varied offer of workshops. Children learn, for example, which herbs are suitable for which foods or for which diseases they can be used. They will gain insights into the habitat of water, undertake nature adventure walks, observe animals, explore the barefoot trail or learn how composting works.

Children in the eco-garten Quedlinburg build small objects out of natural materials or practice felting dyed wool. In addition to batik techniques, they learn how to prepare small meals or spend a night outdoors in the summer.

Another project are the touch columns, on which different materials can be sensed with blindfolded eyes. A sound column, a sum stone, a gong or a xylophone invite to an intensive listening experience.

The events are regularly announced on the organizer’s homepage. Registration should be done online or by phone on time.



Ökogarten Quedlinburg
Brita Appelt
Wipertistraße 5
06484 Quedlinburg

phone: 03946 707510

Monday – Friday:
March – October 8.00 – 17.00 o‘clock
November – February 8.00 – 15.30 o’clock


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