Swimming and Splashing in Quedlinburg

Indoor Swimming Pool Quedlinburg

© town's department of public work Quedlinburg

Gutsmuthsstraße 6 | 06484 Quedlinburg | phone: 03946 2791 | hallenbad.quedlinburg@freenet.de | https://www.stadtwerke-quedlinburg.de/baeder-gmbh/preise-oeffnungszeiten.html

The swimming pool has a size of 9.00 x 18.00 metres with a water depth from 0.70 to 2.80 metres. The water temperature is 29°C. The water is cleaned and disinfected by an ozone treatment plant. This reduces the need for chlorine in the water and therefore reduces the red-eye effect and the chlorine odour which is often characteristic of swimming pools.

The Bäder GmbH operates the indoor swimming pool. It can be used by schools for PE and by sport clubs, as well as by groups for training and competitions. 

Seahorse courses are held regularly for children. 

Further information on opening times and prices can be found on the website of the indoor swimming pool.

Osterteich Gernrode

Waldbad Osterteich in Gernrode | photo: Alexander Kaßner

Gernrode | Osterteich 1 | 06485 Quedlinburg | phone: 03946 971420 (Gabriele Schneider, Stadtwerke Quedlinburg) | schneider@sw-qlb.de | https://www.stadtwerke-quedlinburg.de/baeder-gmbh/waldbad-osterteich-gernrode.html

In addition to the indoor swimming pool in Quedlinburg, the Stadtwerke Quedlinburg also operates the Waldbad Osterteich Gernrode. Every year from the 1st of June until the 31st of August it opens its doors to visitors and is staffed by a swimming supervisor during the daily opening hours.

The Osterteich Gernrode is with about 1.5 hectares of water, a sandy beach and a lawn for sunbathinga place to relax extensively. The beach volleyball court also offers space for other sporting activities. When the weather is fine, a food truck takes care fore your physical well-being.

The Osterteich Gernrode is a reservoir at the eastern exit of Gernrode towards Ballenstedt. With its excellent water quality (Bathing Water Quality Classification 2014 2016), it offers a healthy alternative to chlorinated outdoor pools.

As the operator of the Osterteich, the Stadtwerke Quedlinburg has installed a floating bathing island, which can be used for relaxing, sunbathing or even as a jumping opportunity.

Bremer Teich Gernrode

Gernrode | Bremer Dammteich | 06485 Quedlinburg | phone: 039485 60810 | info@harz-camp-gernrode.de

The Bremer Teich is located a few kilometres south of Gernrode in a forest area. Therefore the atmosphere at the lake  is calm and idyllic. The swimming lake with a lawn for sunbathing is located at the campsite “Harz-Camp Bremer Teich”In addition to the lake itselfthere are different leisure possibilities such as table tennis, volleyball or a playground.

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