Selkefall | photo: Nico Reischke

If you want to enjoy pure nature, marvel at varied landscapes and experience living history, then head to the Selketal-Stieg. The 69 km long trail starts in Stiege, at the station of the Selketalbahn. After a few kilometres the Selke comes to light. Behind the Albrechtshaus, the Duchy of Anhalt is at its end. The Selketal-Stieg continues through the nature reserve Oberes Selketal to the Mühlteich in Güntersberge. Strassberg stands for a long mining tradition. Next you reach Alexisbad, the first seaside resort of Anhalt. This is where the cliff path begins. It connects several rock formations. Memorials and viewpoints allow you to discover new and historical things again and again. On the pioneer trail, you pass through a tunnel to the Mägdetrappe. From here you can see the Selketal in all its beauty upwards. Through the production of iron works of art, Mägdesprung became known far beyond the Harz Mountains in the 19th centuryThe Selketalbahn leaves the valley and puffs over the mountains towards Gernrode to Quedlinburg. Passing the Carlswerk, the trail leads through the narrowest part of the valley. At the Selkemühle, a detour to the castle ruin Anhalt is a good idea. The valley now continues and shows itself from its sweet side. For 8 km the trail passes through a nature reserve with unique flora and fauna. The next destination could be Burg Falkenstein, combined with a short steep ascent. The Selketal-Stieg continues to Meisdorf with its baroque castle. Now the trail goes to Ballenstedt, always with a wide view of the Harz foothills and impressive sandstone cliffs. Castle and castle park Ballenstedt invite you to linger. Passing the Roseburg garden monument, we continue along the Harz rim to Gernrode. The more than 1,000-year-old Collegiate Church of St. Cyriacus has remained almost unchanged since the Ottonian era. The panoramic trail leads to Bad Suderode and on to QuarmbeckSoon the castle hill of Quedlinburg appears with the sublime Collegiate Church in the field of view. Through the Brühlpark you will reach the old town of Quedlinburg the end point of the Selketal-Stieg.

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