Explore Quedlinburg's surroundings on foot or by bike

The Harz is an absolute hiking and cycling paradise. Around Quedlinburg there is a well-developed network of trails that is worth discovering. Circular hiking trails and long-distance trails offer ideal opportunities for leisurely family tours as well as sporting challenges.


The Selketal-Stieg (Selke Valley Trail) is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Harz. Over 69 km it leads hikers from Stiege to QuedlinburgOn the Selketal-Stieg you will hike through the most diverse landscapes of the Lower Harz the gentle plateau at Stiege leads you to ponds and lakes, then past rocks and cliffs. The Selke rises near Stiege and develops in its course from a small stream to a wildly romantic river that leaves the Harz near Meisdorf. Along the way there are many sights to discover.

Harzer Klosterwanderweg

Monasteries were and are treasures of history, places of knowledge and preservation, places of prayer. Today you can find many well-preserved monasteries and churches, some with important church treasures, in the Harz.

On the Harzer Klosterwanderweg (Harz Monastery Hiking Trail) your body, mind and soul have the opportunity to find relaxation. Come to rest and relax on a walk with natural trails from the Neuwerkkirche Goslar, along the monasteries in Drübeck and Ilsenburg to the Marienkloster in Quedlinburg.

Harzer Wandernadel

Hiking enthusiasts will find the purest paradise in the Harz. Whether a tour to the Brocken, through the National Park, the Bodetal or the Selketal, there is a suitable hike for every level of difficulty. When selecting suitable destinations, the stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel are a useful reference point. The stamping stations are set up at a total of 222 places worth seeing throughout the entire HarzCollect them all and let yourself be crowned Hiking Emperor! Of course you will also find several stamp boxes around Quedlinburg, Gernrode and Bad Suderode.

Bicycle and Hiking Tours | Nordic-Walking-Tours

No matter if you ride your bike in Quedlinburg, lace up your hiking boots in Bad Suderode or unpack your Nordic walking poles in Gernrode. A variety of hiking and cycling trails offer countless opportunities for active recreation. We’ll show you our favourite tours.

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