St. - Aegidii - Church of Quedlinburg

St.Aegidii | Foto: Jacqueline Kober

The church was first mentioned in 1179 in a papal document of Alexander III. Its architectural origins lie in the Romanesque. According to legend, it was built near the springs of the village “Nördlingen”, which at the end of the 13th century became part of the city Quedlinburg. The church is dedicated to Saint Aegidius (640-710/724). In a rectangular field above the nave, St. Servatius and St. Aegidius hold the patronage coat of arms of the imperial abbey Quedlinburg.

The interior of the late Gothic, three-aisled hall church is characterized by an early Baroque decoration. Much older, however, is the winged altar, which stood in the St. Benedikti Church (Marktkirche) until 1700 and dates back to the first half of the 15th century. The centrepiece of the winged altar is a coronation of the Virgin Mary, which is accompanied by carved figures of the apostles painted on the wings.

In the choir window above the altar there is a stained glass (around 1460). The nine window sections of the crucifixion scene are the oldest stained glass windows in Quedlinburg. The pulpit in the northwestern choir dates back to the Baroque period and is carried by a formerly gilded figure of Moses. Another special feature is the organ the oldest of its kind in Quedlinburg. The big pipes were melted during the First World War.

In the former cemetery around the church there are various testimonies of past burial culture, including a cast urn almost two metres tall.

The stately belfry in the south tower currently houses two bells. At 2800 kilograms, the larger one is one of the largest bells in Quedlinburg and produces a strikingly deep sound when ringing with a cable.

Opening Times

April - October:

Saturday: 3:00 pm - 06:15 pm

Every Saturday 05:45 pm people get the opportunity to ring the bells. 

Manual ringing of the Sunday with the deepest bell.


  • free entry

Guided Tours

  • possible on request
  • otherwise individual visit

An ascent to the bell chamber and the tower area is possible on many Saturdays during the opening hours and on request.


Förderkreis der St.-Aegidii-Kirche
in der Ev. Kirchengemeinde Quedlinburg
Aegidiikirchhof 1 | Quedlinburg
phone: (+49) 03946 919454
phone (evening): 0170 5683115
web: www.aegidii-qlb.de

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